Thursday, March 1, 2012

Butterfly Kisses

Most of the time when I am in prayer it is spent in meditation, contemplation and intercession.  I rarely ask the Lord questions but I find when I do I almost always receive an answer.  I don't know why but I often do not expect an answer and I don't always recognize the revelation I receive as a direct response to my question. That happened to me a few weeks ago.

Before I tell you what my question was, let me clarify that I am 110% pro-life.  I see it as a grave evil and a spiritual battle.  I believe that Satan, through the act of abortion would like to kill as many of these innocent lives as he can because nothing reflects God better than an innocent baby made in his image and likeness. I believe these babies therefore are little martyrs that go to heaven. My heart in the matter has always been very grievous, especially for the mother.  I often feel led to intercede for these women who are damaging themselves psychologically and spiritually through such an unnatural act as to kill their own child. Not to mention that they are rejecting such a precious gift. I know women who have had abortions and at the time they did not fully realize what they were doing but later deeply regretted it and said it was the worst decision they had ever made.  Fortunately, the women I know have taken it to the cross and have received God's mercy.  There are other women however that will try to escape the pain of what they have done by escaping through drug and alcohol use and all around continuing to make unhealthy decisions.  There are always repercussions.

So, here was my question:  I told the Lord that I knew abortion was intrinsically wrong but if the babies go straight to heaven, give me understanding on how the babies suffer and how it would have been better for them to live here on  earth. Ultimately I knew it would be better but I felt I needed understanding as to how. After all, some might have decided to reject God in this life. I might have a strange way of thinking but if people are honest some might admit they have had the same question.

A few weeks later, I had a vision that I did not see as an answer to my question until recently.  It was a vision of Mary unlike any statue or picture I have ever seen of her.  In the vision she was very youthful, smiling and wearing a midnight blue cloak.  Her hair was flowing under her veil and the cloak had twinkling stars all over it. I then watched as the twinkling stars would come off her cloak and form into butterflies which were the same color midnight blue as her cloak and trimmed in black.  Mary was kneeling down, playing with the butterflies, letting them land on her finger and taking great delight in them. I also had the understanding that I was one of those butterflies.
I didn't fully know what the vision meant until I was at a conference with Dr. Peter Kreeft. His morning talk was entitled "Why Pro-Life?" During his talk he happened to mention Our Lady of Guadalupe and how she is the patroness of the Americas and we should ask for her intercession to end abortion.  He then mentioned how in the picture of her, she is standing on the moon just like the woman in the book of Revelation and the woman in Genesis that crushes the head of Satan. The moon for the Aztecs was the god of night. Mary standing on the moon shows that her obedience to God conqueres darkness. This is a spiritual battle and she is the one to intercede to end abortion.  He then gave a history of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Because of her appearance to Juan Diego and the miraculous image that appeared on his cloak, millions of Aztec Indians converted to Christianity. The Aztec Indians were known for sacrificing their babies to the pagan gods and millions were sacrificed.  

It then hit me that the Lord was answering my question about abortion when he gave me that image of Mary and the image I had of her was actually Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Just like Our Lady of Guadalupe she had a blue cloak with stars all over it.  I then realized that the real tragedy behind these little lives being cut short through the act of abortion is they are not given the opportunity like we have, to be transformed like butterflies into the image of Christ by sharing in his life, suffering, death and resurrection. It also reminded me of a quote by St. Padre Pio, "The angels are jealous of us because they cannot suffer" and thus join in Christ's sufferings for the Church and one another. We shouldn't take for granted that we have the opportunity to grow in love and express our love for others through sacrifice. "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends" - John 15:13.

Let us call upon Our Lady of Guadalupe to intercede for the lives of the unborn that they will be given the opportunity to live and grow in the knowledge of God! Let us also pray that we may be transformed by the trials and tribulations of this life into beautiful butterflies. Our Lady takes great delight in a soul that is fully committed to Christ and is willing to be transformed into his image!


  1. Lisa, I'm a little late in responding to this and I actually read your post when you first entered it and wanted to respond, but as I've been preparing for, running and recovering from the marathon I feel I'm somewhat justified.

    I've too asked this question and wrestled with it. This was some time ago when I lived in Lakeland. Let's face it, it's a valid question. I've heard many stories of parents who've murdered their children (the most recent was a woman in Texas) and used the justification that, "my babies are with Jesus". It's true after all right? And I'm pretty sure somewhere in the history of crazies that someone's had the idea that once someone is Christian that they should be killed to avoid resending and going to Hell. It's an interesting concept, "if Heaven is better and this place is so bad.... then what's so bad about killing someone who'll go to Heaven?"

    God deals with me in a different way. I don't have visions or dreams that I'm aware of but I do think he tends to guide me through people and literature. Which is where I received a good answer of sorts and a very similar one to yours but with some differences; namely from NT Wright and Frank Sheed, a Catholic writer. NT Wright addresses the problem of death in a couple of his writings and video lectures. He mentions the strange phenomenon that sometimes occurs at Christian funerals where people celebrate or say things like, "praise God! They're in a better place!" Which may or may not be true but the point is, it always seems to sound..... heartless, strange, bad. The truth is, we all know that death is a bad thing. It is not intended to be so. We all know that something terrible and tragic has happened. Death was never a part of the original plan. We were created for THIS existence on THIS earth, for THIS body, not in a purely spiritual state with no senses. Frank Sheed also touches on this idea in Theology For Beginners. The human person is the only being in the spiritual realm and physical realm which has the privilege of being both spirit AND matter. Both point to the same idea: that what God created her is GOOD. Unfortunately, there's an every popular idea going around now that has more to do with Gnosticism than true Christian doctrine that this Earth is bad and that the flesh is bad and we're bound for Heaven. Sheed suggests that even in Heaven, in our unbridled unity with God, something will still be missing: our bodies, which is why he intends to resurrect us and fully make us whole again and dwell with us HERE as he always intended.

    This is obviously a difference spin on the question than your revelation, but where I believe it is similar is this: that pain is a part of our experience. Sheed also points out the fact that angels can't experience what we experience. He was speaking of our senses of course but pain being one of them. And also being a part of this life involves ultimately the master plan of God to come into this created order of things that he created (which is what my reading reveals), and we get to join him on this journey (which is what your revelation reveals). So I see them as being two parts of a delicious dessert really: cake and icing.

    Thank you for posting, keep it coming.

  2. Jacob, thank you for your thought! It definitely offers a more complete answer and revelation to the question!

  3. No, it's not okay to kill an innocent person so that she or he will go to Heaven.

    No, it's not a valid question.

    I have enjoyed reading Lisa's post and Jacob's comment. I love that quote from Padre Pio.

    I'm an old lady of sixty six years. Back in my day, the answer would have been a little more direct --- along the lines of mine, above.

    But, I realize that you guys have the misfortune to deal with questions like these all the time nowadays.

    You're very brave. I don't know how you do it.

    I think of Frank Church's letter to Virginia O'Hanlon. "Your little friends . . . have become afflicted by the skepticism of a skeptical age."

    Recently I attended a meditation demo. The "guru" talked about how to end suffering.

    I just repeated the Hail Mary in my mind for the rest of the lecture. Holy Mother Church tells us that we cannot be fully human without suffering, and we cannot know joy without suffering.

    God bless.

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    2. "But, I realize that you guys have the misfortune to deal with questions like these all the time nowadays."


      That's a little awkward. I should have just written: "But I realize that nowadays you guys have to deal with questions like this."

    3. Thank you. I appreciate your input. My mom and most of my extended family is "pro-choice", I think mainly because they do not have a proper understanding of redemptive suffering. This is what I am up against.