Thursday, December 31, 2020

People Get Ready!


For over 20 years, the Lord has been showing me a great move of God that is coming. Many prophetic people have also seen this move. What the Lord said to me 20+ years ago is, "You are about to witness the greatest move of my Spirit that has ever been poured out on the earth. Unlike the Charismatic renewal, it will not be able to be contained."

Now, I will be honest, there is a good chance that this move is going to coincide with persecution in the world, but where sin abounds, grace abounds even more (Romans 5:20).

Recently the Lord showed me more about this move of God. He showed me that there is a baptism of the Holy Spirit that we have not yet seen or experienced. The next move of God is going to start with this baptism. This baptism is going to involve wine of the Holy Spirit mixed with oil that has been pressed from the lives of the Saints that have gone before us. I'm not just talking about big 'S' saints but there are many unknown followers of Jesus that have also laid down their lives, either physically in martyrdom or spiritually. Scripture says of them in Revelation 12:11 - They loved not their lives even unto death.

I am now going to borrow a great teaching my husband does about the communion of saints. In Hebrews 12:1 it says, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. The word surrounded in the Greek is perikeimai. Basically, it means to be connected or joined to. Think of a 3-legged race. 

Since the saints are connected to us, they do not receive their full reward until we complete our race. And, since we are also connected to them, we benefit from the way they already laid their lives down for Christ.

Think St. Stephen. As he was being stoned and martyred, he saw an open Heaven. Because of the merits of what he did, we will also see an open Heaven in this next move.

Revelation 6:9 says, '"...I saw under the altar the souls who had been slaughtered for the word of God and for their testimony they had given; they cried in a loud voice, "Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long will it be before you judge and avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?" They were each given a white robe and told to rest a little longer, until the numbers would be complete, both of their fellow servants and of their brothers and sisters, who were soon to be killed as they themselves had been killed."'

So, what I also believe the Lord showed me  is, just like the wedding at Cana, the best wine is being saved for last. This wine has been fermenting for over 2000 years and is mixed with oil pressed from the lives of the saints.

This wine is about to be poured out. For those who have surrendered their lives to the Jesus, it will be Glorious! This baptism that involves wine from the Holy Spirit and oil from the saints is going to result in an open Heaven, Heavenly encounters and unprecedented miracles. This will empower God's people to be salt on the earth and bring in the harvest!

This oil is going to be worth giving up everything else and purchasing!

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Heavenly Oil

 Today is the first day of the Jewish feast of Hanukkah. It lasts until December 18th. Traditionally, it commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after it was won back by Jewish warriors from Syrians who desecrated it. It is also known as the Festival of lights and celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. After taking back the temple, the Jewish people had an eight-day celebration where they rededicated the temple. Tradition has it that they only had enough consecrated oil to light the candelabra for one day but it miraculously lasted eight days.

I felt there was a special significance about it, especially for this year. I believe there is also significance that there is going to be a special Christmas star that will be observable for the first time in 800 years on December 21st. 

The Lord wants us to get ready for and expect the miraculous! We are about to see a significant turn of events that will result in the triumph of light over darkness in the world. 

The Jewish people rededicated the physical temple. The way we can get ready is by rededicating our own temples; our bodies, soul and spirit, to the Lord. Hold nothing back! Give him everything!

This does not mean we have to have it all together. This also does not mean what we give him needs to be elaborate. Think 'Little Drummer Boy'. Everything we have is from the Lord anyway. All he is asking is we offer back the very things we have been given. In exchange, we receive even more.

Like the parable of the wise virgins, we are called to keep oil in our lamps (Matthew 25). The oil ultimately comes from God. We receive that oil by receiving the life of Christ inside us. We receive the oil by allowing Christ to make a home in our hearts through an intimate relationship with him.

We in turn pour that oil out like Mary at the feet of Jesus (John 12:3), making a fragrant offering to the Lord. However, he cannot be outdone. He in turn pours the oil out on us overabundantly!

Recently, in prayer, I saw an oil can with Heavenly oil being poured out. Here is the sense I had with it:

During this season of trial that we have been in, many of God's people have been pressing in for more of God's presence and intimacy with Him. This is paying off! The Heavens are opening and oil from Heaven is being poured out! Where once revelation and healings were harder to obtain, these things are becoming much easier and more commonplace. The veil between Heaven and earth is becoming much thinner and Heavenly encounters more accessible!

Get ready! Like a great Tsunami wave, we are about to witness the greatest move of God's Spirit that has ever been poured out on the earth! We are about to also see a great harvest of souls come into the Kingdom! Get ready for the miraculous and oil from Heaven!

Friday, October 9, 2020

His Ways Are Not Our Ways

 It does not take a prophet to predict that we are probably in for some tough times in this country. The writing is on the wall. No matter who wins the upcoming election, things are probably going to get ugly.

The good news however is that our Lord and King has already won the victory. The very things the enemy intends for evil, the Lord is going to use for good and for His Glory.

In fact, I even saw the Lord taking a sickle and hammer from the Marxist symbol and using it to chisel away ice from stony hearts.

 This reminds me of the days of Moses when snakes bit the people but then a bronze snake was the very thing used to heal the people when they looked at it. 

His ways are not our ways (Is. 55:9).

It is very important that right now we are anchoring ourselves deep in Jesus; that we are abiding in him; that he is our horn cleat so that we are not tossed about when the storms of life come.

The Lord is looking for stabilizing influencers. These are people who have been abiding and resting in the Him during this season and therefore will be able to stand and be a lighthouse in the midst of the pounding waves.

These stabilizing influencers are also going to be carriers of His Glory as they work  miracles of healing and demonstrations of power that are going to lead to the greatest move of God's Spirit that we have ever seen! 

If you have been going through a rough patch in recent years, perhaps the Lord is getting you ready. The more you are able to surrender to Jesus, even in times of adversity, the more anchored you will be in Him and the stronger your spirit will be. Then you will be able to give witness to the hope that lies within you.

1 Peter 3:15 - Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Aslan is on the MOVE!!!

Back in June, I had an amazing encounter with the Lord. He showed himself to me as a lion. You can read about it here.

Yesterday, I had a follow-up vision. 

again saw Jesus as a lion. I was with him and we were on a hill, looking in the distance at the cities of the nations. It was nighttime and the only light you could see was in some homes and buildings. The lion then roared and it was like a nuclear blast that lit up the sky and sent shock waves across the earth!

It has begun! Aslan is on the move!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Burning Ones

My husband and I watched an episode of a show called “Cooked” last week. In this particular episode, there was a nun who was an expert in making cheese. She made the cheese in an ancient way, in a big wooden barrel. The FDA had a problem with this. They wanted her to make it in a pure, stainless steel drum. 

The nun complied but noticed that she couldn’t keep e-coli from developing on the cheese. She went back to making it in the wooden barrel and then she didn’t have a problem with e-coli. She discovered that the wooden barrel harbored good bacteria in the grooves of the wood and it would kill the bad bacteria in the cheese. She was able to show this to the FDA and they allowed her to keep making her cheese in the big wooden barrels.

This is also how wine is sometimes still made and has been made for thousands of years. 

We often think the modern way of doing things is best and the more sterile the conditions, the better. In ancient times, however, they understood the health benefits of fermentation of certain foods and drinks. They knew the importance of having good bacteria to bring about that fermentation process.

Let me propose something to you. Even the greatest of Saints were still sinners. They are Saints because they loved God with their whole heart and embraced the wooden Cross of Christ. Therefore, they became like that good bacteria in the wooden barrel, killing the bad bacteria (sin and darkness) by their sacrificial love of Christ and their willingness to lose their own life in order to find it.

People have been saying for a couple years now that God is going to do something new and is about to pour out new wine. It is true that it is a wine that we have never seen before but it is not new. Actually it is ancient. It is a wine that is made up of the prayers of the saints, sacrifices and blood of the martyrs. It is a wine that has been fermenting for over 2000 years, since the first Pentecost!

This is the wine that is about to be poured out on the earth! This is a wine that we have never seen before! This outpouring will go above and beyond all other outpourings. This wine is going to cause the greatest move of God’s Spirit that has ever been poured out on the earth!

The Lord is building an army. This army will cross denominational lines. The ones who will lead this army have been growing in deep, intimate relationships with Jesus; They have been willing to lay down their own lives and be set on fire with His love. They have yielded to God and have allowed Him to work on and transform their hearts. They are willing to be baptized with the baptism of fire (Matthew 3:11). They will be known as the burning ones. This burning will spread like wildfire to the rest of the army. This army is going to be used to pour out the barrels of ancient wine.

To be part of this army is going to require blind trust and walking closely in the footsteps of Jesus. It might even look foolish at first to others but if they will keep their eyes on Jesus, He will lead them and impart to them the faith that they will need to partner with him in the pouring out of this ancient but new wine.

Let the cry of our heart be, “Make me into a burning one in your army, God!!”

John 2:10 - “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”

Joel 2:2 - “...Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes, such as never was of old nor ever will be in ages to come. Before them fire devours, behind them a flame blazes. Before them the land is like the garden of Eden, behind them, a desert waste - nothing escapes them. They have the appearance of horses; they gallop along like cavalry. With a noise like that of chariots they leap over the mountaintops, like a crackling fire consuming stubble, like a mighty army drawn up for battle….”

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Sovereign Freedom

Today is the 4th of July. I am reflecting on what that means and some words the Lord gave me twenty two years ago, specifically, April of 1998. These words are stirring in me and I believe it is finally time to release them because I believe they have to do with the times we are living in and they might bring encouragement to others.

There are a lot of doomsday type messages floating around right now, both in Protestant and Catholic circles; messages that predict more tribulations coming. 

I do not doubt that there are more things coming, I have seen some things myself. The Lord even said to me once, "Do not be afraid of what is coming. It is necessary for the salvation of souls."

Jesus did say in Matthew 16:26, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul."

There is more than this temporal life and sometimes it takes a shaking of sorts for us to come to him. At least it did for me over thirty years ago.

However, I want to also bring encouragement to believers out there. True messages from the Lord should ultimately end up being filled with hope and encouragement even if they start off with a warning.

Twenty-two years ago in prayer, I had a series of images come to my mind as well as the interpretation (I do not always share the process and the images that come to me but thought it would help the believability of the interpretation, as well as show the process for those wanting to grow in their own ability to hear from God).

Here are some of the images: The Declaration of Independence being written, the Union army, a rebel flag, a turtle, a sun rising in the west, an American flag on a flag pole with a cross on it instead of stars, the earth with a big cross that was lying down being lifted up to a standing position, and the last image was of early pioneers from this country watching for the sun to rise and longing to see a new day dawning. Jesus then said, "You will see that new day."

Here is the interpretation of all these images that came to me:

There have been many human efforts to bring about freedom. They have been slow in coming and have often ended in civil war and blood shed. At times we have even retreated inside ourselves at the sight of adversity. But a new day is dawning when there will be a reversal of the order of how things are now. Life as we know it could change within a short amount of time and within our lifetime. It will end up being a glorious new day; the cross of Jesus will be lifted up and the Son of God will be glorified on the earth and in America and He will sovereignly bring about freedom!

I also heard Jesus say to me, "What you are about to see is a privilege and others have longed to see."

Let us partner with Jesus and pray this all comes to pass.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Why do the Nations Rage?

I think it is an understatement to say these are uncertain times. It is hard not to be affected by everything going on around us and feel the oppression in the air.

I had an encounter with the Lord yesterday however that put everything in perspective. I hope others can find encouragement in it as well.

As I was praying, yesterday morning, I saw Jesus as a lion. He was lying down on a grassy hill, under a tree. He was enjoying the day and the cool breeze on his face. He asked me to join him. As I joined him, I saw myself as a lamb. I lied down next to him and was also enjoying the cool breeze that was in the air.

The lion/Jesus then directed my attention into the distance. In the distance I could see the cities of the nations. He then began to laugh. As he laughed, joy hit my spirit and I began to laugh too. He then quoted Psalm 2:1 - "Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?" I then heard him say, "All their efforts are going to be brought to nothing as I am about to move!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Being Stripped Away

I know I have been missing in action and realize I haven't blogged since last June, when Tom was in the middle of his cancer treatment (he is currently cancer free by the way and his last two scans were normal, praise God!) 

This is the first time I've even looked at my website since then. Part of the reason I think is because I've been going through a stripping down process. In fact, one day in prayer I saw an image of a piece of bacon being stripped of all fat and knew the Lord was filling me in on what was taking place in my own soul. 

I think many right now can relate to this stripping down process as we are all under quarantine orders and many of the things we used to enjoy doing has been stripped away.

Before the coronavirus showed up, the Lord had been speaking to me for about a year about being a stabilizing influencer. He impressed on me, the meaning of this was someone who can remain at peace even in the midst of the storms of life and how attractive that is to the world around us that desperately needs his peace.

I think the stripping down process happening in me was to help me to become that stabilizing influencer to those around me.

Sometimes in prayer, I get a sense of what is coming down the road. I did not see this one coming however, at least so I thought. I recently decided to go back and read my journal entries from last year. This is what I found:

A year ago, I heard in prayer, "Do not be afraid of what is coming. It is necessary for the salvation of souls."

Now, just to clarify, I do not believe the coronavirus is a punishment from God. In fact, I believe it may have been a scheme of the enemy. If so, the enemy overplayed his hand. I believe God is going to use this for good. I believe we are about to see a great harvest of souls coming to the Lord and right now is a time for the Church to get ready as we deepen our identity and spiritual roots.

Another thing I found in my journal was from March 25, 2019. I wrote down and interpreted a dream I had. In the dream, I was at Wall-Mart. Most of the shelves were cleared out as they were getting ready to renovate. Even though most of the food shelves were bare, there were still a lot of toys. Most of them were on clearance so I bought a space toy for my son for only $25.

The interpretation that came to me at that time was:

The walls are coming down. The Church is being renovated and will not look the same when it is done. It is going to require childlike faith to access the spiritual food. The sky is the limit and there will be grace upon grace available (the number 25 symbolizes grace upon grace in scripture).

One thing I have come to a better understanding of through all this is how God is much bigger than we realize and is able to do far greater things than we can imagine. My faith has been stretched and increased during this time. I have come to realize that his presence is not limited to where the people of God are gathered. His grace is abundant and able to reach across the internet and into or own living rooms. The Holy Spirit transcends time and space when we are engaging in praise and worship even over the internet. Spiritual communion is also a very real thing. God does not hold back his grace just because we cannot receive him physically or be in an assembly where the people of God, through faith, usher in his presence. 

The last few years, there has been an awakening going on among our Protestant brothers and sisters as they have been discovering the grace available in communion, especially when viewed in reverence as being the body and blood of our Lord. I've asked the Lord, "How can this be?" I think I have a better understanding of that now.

Hopefully, even after quarantine, life will not go back to normal where we might have had God in a box with limited understanding of the vastness of His mercy and grace available for all those who have an open heart. May the stripping down process produce a greater glory in us that can be displayed to the world.