Saturday, July 4, 2020

Sovereign Freedom

Today is the 4th of July. I am reflecting on what that means and some words the Lord gave me twenty two years ago, specifically, April of 1998. These words are stirring in me and I believe it is finally time to release them because I believe they have to do with the times we are living in and they might bring encouragement to others.

There are a lot of doomsday type messages floating around right now, both in Protestant and Catholic circles; messages that predict more tribulations coming. 

I do not doubt that there are more things coming, I have seen some things myself. The Lord even said to me once, "Do not be afraid of what is coming. It is necessary for the salvation of souls."

Jesus did say in Matthew 16:26, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul."

There is more than this temporal life and sometimes it takes a shaking of sorts for us to come to him. At least it did for me over thirty years ago.

However, I want to also bring encouragement to believers out there. True messages from the Lord should ultimately end up being filled with hope and encouragement even if they start off with a warning.

Twenty-two years ago in prayer, I had a series of images come to my mind as well as the interpretation (I do not always share the process and the images that come to me but thought it would help the believability of the interpretation, as well as show the process for those wanting to grow in their own ability to hear from God).

Here are some of the images: The Declaration of Independence being written, the Union army, a rebel flag, a turtle, a sun rising in the west, an American flag on a flag pole with a cross on it instead of stars, the earth with a big cross that was lying down being lifted up to a standing position, and the last image was of early pioneers from this country watching for the sun to rise and longing to see a new day dawning. Jesus then said, "You will see that new day."

Here is the interpretation of all these images that came to me:

There have been many human efforts to bring about freedom. They have been slow in coming and have often ended in civil war and blood shed. At times we have even retreated inside ourselves at the sight of adversity. But a new day is dawning when there will be a reversal of the order of how things are now. Life as we know it could change within a short amount of time and within our lifetime. It will end up being a glorious new day; the cross of Jesus will be lifted up and the Son of God will be glorified on the earth and in America and He will sovereignly bring about freedom!

I also heard Jesus say to me, "What you are about to see is a privilege and others have longed to see."

Let us partner with Jesus and pray this all comes to pass.

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