Saturday, February 24, 2018

Don't Choose the Hard Road of Mashed Potatoes!

I have written about perspectives before but I feel strongly that whatever perspectives we have in life can make all the difference in the world! Especially as believers, we need to have a Kingdom mindset and Kingdom perspective!

Romans 12:2,  says, "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your minds."

The world has many popular sayings that are accepted as truths when in fact they are not! One of them being, "If you make your bed, you need to lie in it." What this saying means is that if you make a mistake or decision, you need to live with the consequences of that action. That is a false idea and statement! Through Christ, we do not need to live with our mistakes and failings! He is not just our savior but also our redeemer! In fact, he loves and longs to redeem our mistakes!

As a follower of Christ, it is easy to get into the mindset that we need to strive to get closer to Christ; we need to fix and make right our own mistakes. Having that mindset is like trying to hike up a mountain of mashed potatoes. It will cause you to sink and slide back down. Instead, if we are baptized believers, we should have the mindset that Christ, through the Holy Spirit lives in us. We have died and it is no longer us that lives but Christ that lives in us (Romans 6:3-5). He cannot be closer to us than he already is. Freedom is not something we need to strive for. We already have freedom in Christ (Galatians 5:1)! He desires for us to recognize the freedom we have so he can break forth and live his life in and through us! He will also fix and redeem any mistakes we make along the way as we are walking out our freedom when we put our trust in him.

If we have a problem, it is not our problem anymore but Christ's because Christ lives in us. Because our problem now belongs to him, it is not a problem anymore. Christ doesn't have problems! He has possibilities and opportunities! This allows us to lean back, rest in him and let him take the wheel. We no longer need to focus on ourselves and our weaknesses! We just need to walk out our freedom in him, letting him live his life through us. Do you see how this perspective can make a world of difference? 

We are sons and daughters of the King of Kings and Lord or Lords! We are in him and he is in us! Everything he has is at our fingertips and at our disposal! It is time we rise up and recognize our rightful place in the Kingdom of God! No more wimpy prayers! It's time to claim our inheritance and recognize that we are God's beloved children! Let's let Christ break free in us this Lent so he can live his life through us and touch the hearts of those around us!

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