Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

I've kind of fallen behind in blogging. I am in the thick of being pregnant and miserable. Fortunately some of the nausea has let up but now I am dealing with constant headaches. When I am pregnant, sometimes I think it would be better if I just crawled into a hole for nine months and didn't see anyone. I feel like even if I am not complaining in words, misery is written all over my face and I do not want to be a downer to anyone. The Lord reminded me that when he walked Calvary, he wasn't smiling. Actually that would have been pretty weird if he would have been. Also, the image of Veronica's veil came to my mind. According to Christian tradition, there was a woman named Veronica who was deeply devoted to Christ. She followed him on the road to Calvary and wiped his bloody face with her veil. The image of Christ's face was transferred onto the veil. There are documents of this as far back as the early 300's. I felt like the Lord was telling me that when we choose the road of suffering (which could just mean doing His will instead of our own) and join our suffering to his, we cannot help but leave an imprint on the lives of others.


  1. Thanks for your awesome and awe-inspiring posts! I am so far from a saint, myself! In fact, I let my wounds from youth affect how I react to my mother these days. I wish I wouldn't react to her hurtful ways. I wish I would just love her and not react to her. I have a very bad temper and hate myself for it. I ask God for forgiveness, but how do I forgive myself of the actions I have yet to not do anymore?

    1. There are things I continue to struggle with. Our only job though is to surrender and let the Holy Spirit transform us from the inside out. Sometimes we become impatient with the potter and wonder why he is taking so long. Unless he first heals our hearts then our good outward actions are just superficial.