Saturday, April 9, 2016

What's Up With Essential Oils?

I am going to venture away from my normal type of topic to share something that has been very providential in my life. First let me say that I am one to steer away from trends. I've always been like that, even as a teenager. If certain designer jeans were in, I would wear an off brand. If all the other girls had long, fancy finger nails, I would cut mine short. Even as an adult, when all my friends had the latest smart phone, I stuck with and was happy with my flip phone as long as it still worked. Who knows, maybe it is the rebellious side of me.

Anyway, when a lot of the women around me started getting into essential oils, I steered clear. Just a year ago I thought it was just another trend and just about aromatherapy. I really wasn't open minded about them until I was in a desperate state. You see, I had an infection in my elbow. It was located in the bursa which is a very difficult area to treat. I was on multiple and very strong antibiotics. My elbow was very swollen and hung down by a couple inches. Despite all the antibiotics, I wasn't getting better. I continued to run a fever and it was starting to hurt in the bone. A friend of mine gave me some essential oils to take internally and some to apply topically. Immediately I began to see results. I stopped running a fever and the pain in the bone went away. The swelling also went down until my elbow was back to normal.

Since then I have discovered many more ways essential oils could help my family. For starters, I used to need sleeping pills every night to get a good night sleep. Well, they started to build up in my system and were causing heart palpitations and dizziness. I stopped them cold turkey and for two nights I literally did not sleep. 

Fortunately my friend knew about an essential oil blend that could help me. I started diffusing it by my bed every night and ever since I sleep well most nights. It's funny because my husband used to be a skeptic but after I was diffusing the sleep blend every night, he realized it was also helping him get a better night sleep.

I have also found essential oils to help with a daughter that has severe anxiety. If I see her about to have an anxiety attack, I have her breath in a particular oil and then she is able to calm down. I shared this with her Psychologist and he wasn't surprised and told me to keep using it.

Another one of my daughters has Dyslexia and ADHD. I homeschool her which has been very difficult to say the least! She has a really hard time focusing and therefore it is hard for her to learn. I found an oil to help her focus and it makes a world of difference. Because she is able to focus better, she is able to start learning to read whereas before she struggled to learn her letters. It is really noticeable the mornings I forget to put it on her. As soon as I realize it, I put it on her and then she is able to focus.

Other ways they have helped our family are by preventing illnesses, shortening illnesses, helping with stomach upset, allergies, muscle aches, insect bites, wasp stings, insect repellent, scrapes and coughs to name a few.

What really makes me feel good is that we are no longer putting harmful chemicals into our bodies. Essential oils are all natural and part of God's creation. They are taken from the seed, bark, stems, roots, flower and other parts of the plant. They are also taken from parts of the plant that helps heal the plant and helps it to thrive. So, it makes sense that they could help us as well! Many medications are actually a synthetic version of these. 

If you would be interested in knowing more about essential oils, please contact me. I would be happy to share with you and even give you some samples to try!

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