Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Holy Pick Up Sticks!

Our son, Isaac is now 5 months old. We are adjusting to being a family of 8 and I am ready to start blogging again. It really helps that Isaac is a very happy and pleasant baby! I am so blessed!

One thing we have been really striving to do as a family is make our home into a Monastery. One way we have been accomplishing this is by doing Night Prayer every night as a family. For the hymn we sing a few worship songs.

Surprisingly the kids have really been enjoying it! Of course they still act like kids and sometimes they are jumping on the couch while we are trying to pray, but the Lord has really been showing up. Especially lately, it has been really easy to enter into contemplation almost immediately when we begin. I suspect that the Lord is going to be bringing the Church as a whole into a new season where his tangible presence is more readily available too. In fact, I had a vision a couple of nights ago while we were doing Night Prayer. In the vision I saw Pick Up Sticks. I remember playing this game as a kid and it required a lot of strategy. I was kind of at a loss as to what the Lord was showing me at first but then I saw a camp fire. I am married to an Eagle Scout and I have observed him making a camp fire. He can be very meticulous in order to create a fire that will burn big and be long lasting. I felt like the Lord was saying to me that right now we may not see a lot of visible manifestations of the Holy Spirit but he is being real strategic. He is working in the hearts of people; humbling, transforming and calling people to lay down their lives. People laying their lives down in humble surrender are like the sticks that are going to cultivate the right atmosphere for the fire of his Spirit to burn bright and long. I felt like he told me this movement of his Spirit is going to burn brighter and longer than any other movement in the past.

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