Maidens of the Madonna

What is it?

A group of women, seeking the heart of Jesus, hiding under the mantle of Mary, and partnering with the Holy Spirit through prophetic intercession.

Why Maidens?

A Maiden is typically a young, single woman. We may not be young or single but in the Lord we can be single-hearted and childlike at heart.

This is an era where true femininity and purity is scoffed at and under attack.

I believe the next great move of God’s Spirit is going to be ushered in by women.

The Mission

In an age where people are being reactionary and fighting hate with hate, we want to step back in the Lord and seek his heart on situations.

We first want to be examples of God’s purity and grace.

We take for ourselves the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary and hide ourselves in her mantle, under the wing of her garment.

By Mary’s yes, her meekness, humility and God's grace, the head of the enemy was crushed. By hiding ourselves under her mantle and in the shadow of the Almighty, we partner with Jesus to tear down the strongholds of the enemy, ushering in God’s Kingdom as it is in Heaven.

We want to be an army of peace, using humility as our weapon of choice and we fight out of a place of rest (abiding trust in the Lord).

We embrace and strive for all the fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, and Self-Control.

Our Scriptures to live by are, Psalm 91 and Isaiah 49. We want to meditate on these often.

Like Psalm 91, we want to dwell and abide in the shelter of the Almighty. By doing this, we find protection in his shadow and under his wings.

Like Isaiah 49 talks about, we are like arrows in the Lord’s quiver, waiting for the right moment to be shot out.

We want to be strategic in our prayers of intercession.

We want to partner with the Lord, seek his heartbeat, and pray with precision and unity. In order to do this, we seek the way Jesus is interceding and then we partner with him, for Jesus intercedes at the right hand of the Father (Romans 8:34) and prays perfectly the will of God. By doing this, we hit the bullseye with our arrows of prayer instead of our arrows going in all different directions.


We will first seek the Lord’s face, heartbeat and intimacy with him.

If any revelation or prophetic strategies are given, as a group, we will pray about that revelation and seek a unified crafted prayer.

In unity, we will all commit to praying the crafted prayer until we see an answer to that prayer and God’s Kingdom advancing in the situation.

A required book to read if part of this intercessory group is, “Crafted Prayer”by Graham Cooke (does not need to be read before joining the group).

*If this is something that stirs your heart and you feel called to, contact me @ I will be starting a Facebook group soon for a limited amount of people.

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